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During six years as an aerial survey pilot I had the opportunity to constantly roam the US at photo-friendly altitudes. The images in this gallery are my favorites from those travels. They are all "found" images - captured by chance while either working on, or flying between, aerial survey projects.
Sequoia National Forest, California.A solitary butte in Arizona casts a long late-day shadow.Whiskey Island, in Lake Michigan between lower Michigan and the Upper PeninsulaThe appropriately named White River empties into the Missouri River near Chamberlain, South Dakota.Flooding in eastern Arkansas.Taken over the foothills of the Sierras, east of Visalia, CA, looking northeast to Franklin Pass, with Mount Kaweah in the distance.Homer's Nose, Sequoia National Park, CaliforniaSunset light  and early winter snows on a mesa in eastern New Mexico.Geese, thousands of them, on a terraced field near Stuggart, Arkansas.Otherworldly hues in a wild blueberry bog in Downeast Maine.Meteor Crater, Arizona with Humphrey's Peak, 40 miles distant in the background.Meteor Crater, ArizonaMount Washington, Oregon, taken from over the Three Sisters peaks, west of Bend, Oregon.A lone pickup kicks up a plume of dust, somewhere in eastern South Dakota.Round bales on a circular irrigated field in southern Oklahoma.Red Mesa near Gallup, New Mexico.A USAirways Airbus departing Reagan National passes under us as capture LiDAR of Arlington Cemetery.Tahquamenon River, Upper Peninsula of MichiganAircraft boneyard, Victorville CaliforiniaNiagara Falls, New York