Airplanes and photography have been entwined passions of mine since I was a kid. Anytime I've been heading somewhere in an airplane, chances are that there is one in a long line of Canon camera bodies within reach on the cockpit floor. I was privileged to learn the finer points of aerial photography in the early '80's from Don Stephenson - a masterful pilot, gifted photographer, and generous friend. Flying and aerial photography gigs complimented my day job until the mid 2000's when I had the opportunity to fly for a living.  For six years I continuously traversed the US as an aerial survey pilot. All of that flying, much of it at lower altitudes, gave me the opportunity to see and photograph some amazing sights, many of them unnamed features in unnamed places. Nearly all of my images from that time were "found", stumbled upon unexpectedly.  I particularly enjoy the idea of the found image - the unplanned play of light, color, and land form that surprises us when we're not looking for anything in particular. Even on assignment with a specific subject and a planned mission there will sometimes be the unexpected perspective that brings the site to life. And that's much of the fun.

Today my flying and photography are concentrated closer to home in the Ridge and Valley province of Central Pennsylvania.  It's some of the most scenic terrain anywhere, and the perfect landscape to explore from the air looking, not too deliberately, for found images.

Thanks for visiting. If you see something that you like in particular, drop me a line. I'd love to hear about which images you like, and why.

Steve Benner

State College, PA